Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A final word

I confess that the last three weeks of the AC world tour went by in somewhat of a blur, therefore I am not going to be able to itemise the shows. Instead I will post some of the final photographs I was able to take and tell you as much as I remember.

There were 14 shows over a period of about 3 weeks, we started in the Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt Pleasant MI, then criss crossed our way across the mid west, a bit of Canada and finished in Hollywood, Florida.
I remember quite a few 8 hour overnights on the bus right after the show but the worst overnights were the 4 hour drives to the next city after a show, by the time you got to sleep it was time to get up and walk in a daze to the hotel lobby for the room key. (If uncle Toby had not laid the room key envelopes out on the table in the bus)

Can you see that?

On the opening night at the Soaring Eagle Casino, we met up with some friends including Darin, Don,  Ken and Katie Szabo, Katie gave me a fab pair of colorful socks, perfect for spotting in the lost sock dept of my bedroom.

The sky in Ontario

In Cincinati, Ohio we had a visit from our good friends Randy McLaughlin and Robin who brought their rising star Wendell the miniature pig! Wendell was adorable, he had his own transport, a little carriage with a zip up front to stop him leaping out and going off shopping on his own! He simply steals the show wherever he goes.
By all accounts Wendell is more intellegent than the average dog, he is house trained and snuggles up in bed.
Like everybody else who saw his cute face and tail, I wanted to take him home with us.


Steve, Robin and Randy

We had a day off in Cincinati, a good time for our end of tour dinner and some revelry. A few brave souls dared to try their luck on the bucking bull in the restaurant and we played a cool game.
After picking the name of a victim from the band or crew out of a hat, we bought that person something relevant and silly then each named present was opened at the dinner. I got some yummy British biscuits (cookies) from our bus driver Taz, relevant to me because it was a standing joke that I would make an English cuppa for me and Steve as soon as we got on the bus after a show, like the pair of old fuddy duddies that we are!

James the sound desk wizard on the bull

Kyler looking like an expert

Steve got the best present possible for him which made us all roar with laughter, the boss gave him a book called Farts Around The World. Steve has a love of this subject that has never waned since childhood and he uses it to full effect both on and off the stage. 

In Atlanta we were joined by David 'Purple' Hayes, his lovely wife Jenny and their nephew Mike. David makes awesome amps for Steve. Jenny is recovering from a stroke so she was in a wheelchair when we got her in to say hello to the boss, he was so kind to her and said "you could Turbo Charge that"!
Steve and I think Jenny is an Angel.  Here is a link to David's website for the discerning guitar players out there:

We also had a welcome visit from our good friend, guitarist Damon Johnson in Atlanta, he brought his gorgeous family with him and joined the band onstage.

Damon and Steve reunited

'In Hollywood, Florida we were joined by one of Steve's closest friends and supporters. Richard Harold helped Steve when he needed eye surgery for a detatched retina. This was before I was on the scene and I will always be grateful to Richard for being there for him during that difficult time'.

Richard and Steve

Backstage antics on the last show, Chuck and Toby

Here we go, last one.....


Thank you and goodnight

So, just to recap, we made it! Seven months and around the world one and a half times.
I was my husbands eyes, a VIP co ordinator, occasional camera director and occasional Clone! I also gained about 10 pounds in weight!
There are hundreds of Youtube clips of how the year unfolded and of course the new album 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'.
All this to remind us that The Boss and The Deacon worked together again after 36 years!
My man made it with the help of his specially designed custom Gretsch guitars, glow in the dark tape, Brian his tech, the band, the crew and his awesome determination and talent.
I hope this blog has given you an insight to life on the road. There are so many memories, some good, some bad, I laughed and I cried but every moment was worthwhile.

PS: If you click on a photo you get a bigger version


  1. Great post! And such cool photos!

    Love the photo with Alice holding the pig. I can hear him go all "aww the cute pig, sausages anyone?" ^^

  2. Your reports are genius, as i told it to you in person in Lyon; thanks for all, the kindness, the talent, the photos of Alice wearing my vest; this tour was a miracle on all sides! and you were part of it! THANK YOU! and Bonne année 2012!!!

  3. Great photos, Karen, and thanks for all the insights, I've really enjoyed reading them all. Here's hoping for more of the same next year! Or have you had enough?!

  4. Was cute to see Karen give Steve a peck before he took the stage in Orlando :)

    I think Damon joined the band on stage the night before Orlando (Atlanta?) - I recall Orianthi mentioning it on her Twitter feed.

  5. I've enjoyed reading your "tales from the road." I got to meet you and Steve in Phoenix at the Pudding hotel. Steve graciously signed a photo for me in the restaurant. It was a pleasure meeting both you and Steve and I hope to see you on the road next year. May the New Year be full of health and happiness for you both.

  6. Thanks Tim, you are right about Damon being in Atlanta and not Orlando, doh!