Monday, February 7, 2011


Cant tell you what a busy and exhausting day it's been! Firstly we had to close a load of bank accounts in AZ over the phone. Keeping in mind that my husband is almost blind so all that sort of thing is down to me, it was like getting in and out of Buckingham Palace without a pass!
I got parcels ready to be posted, wrote emails, talked to my son on Facebook (that was a good bit).

Steve had to be at the studio so I had a chance to do all the other things that needed doing, bank (a local one), Office Depot to organise photographs to be printed up, then half an hour browsing around Hallmark for no particular reason and who would believe it, they were selling Spanx's!!! For those in the dark on Spanx, they are a form of underwear that hold in all the bits you don't want falling out, needless to say I had to buy a pair.

On to the important/boring task; food shopping; then ordered a cab and stood waiting for an hour! A Yellow cab turns up, I stand and wave, he winds his window down and says, "Dr Happerway"....No! Karen! It's snowing by now by the way.
"Oh, I need Dr Happerway", so I carry on waiting for a further 5 minutes, then my phone goes "Dr Happerway?" NO, its Karen! I am stood two feet from the cab and he is calling on my cell and renaming me.
Turns out it was my cab but I got totally worn out being a Dr for 10 minutes. 

That was my Monday, so far. K

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