Sunday, February 6, 2011


Yesterday was all go, got the new cd up all over the place, talked to Retro Kimmer who runs a fab blog. She posted the most fantastic piece about me and Steve and when I find out how to do it, I will post her link on here.

Squeaky cat went missing for 26 hours after a visit to the vet, and he was so nice to her! The vet that is!
She came home and resumed her normal position on the mans lap, her head burried in his hand.

This morning she decided to bring us a gift, maybe she felt bad for all the worry she caused yesterday. Anyway, in she comes with a dead chipmunk, drops it in the hallway then proceeds to fling it all over the place. I thought it was a live rat and screamed. But no, the little creature was gone to chipmunk heaven.
Steve picked it up and placed it outside again, Squeaky got all confused and spent 5 minutes going around in circles in the hall, "where the hell did that chipmunk go"????

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