Monday, June 6, 2011

Catching up

I have finally been able to load a few pics on here!
First up is a great pic of the band taken backstage:

We are now in Belfast but I need to catch up on a couple of countries/cities/shows.
As I have the worst short and long term memory in history I may well get a few things out of order but here goes.

Porto Alegre, Brazil is such a pretty place, Steve says it is like Portugal so now I need to go there!
We strolled around a little during the day, the shops were very tempting but expensive, although he did buy me a wedding anniversary present that day. 

The show was great but marred a bit by the fact that one of the bands leather stage 'biker' vests got stolen from the stage after soundcheck, so keep your eyes peeled out there, there were only 5 made. 
I took a few pics during soundcheck that day and thought I might have caught the robber red handed in one of them but it was not to be ):
I will be attempting to post some pics yet again at the end of this blog post but the 'interweb' may have different idea's.

Next up was Sao Paulo, the city with 30 million people! The gig was fantastic, the crowd were noisy and enthusiastic plus I had another chance to do camera directing for the jumbo screens which I love. I managed to highlight my man with the black wig on for the Jimi Hendrix song 'Fire' which is hilarious and which has also now been immortalized on a Youtube vid. 

BUT WAIT! I have to tell you about the hotel which was quite ....... interesting........ modern...... darned weird!

From the outside it looked like Noah's Ark but made out of stone and all the hotel windows were round like portholes! 
The first thing that struck us was how dark it was inside, I recon they had joined a new 'Let's Save Electricity' society cos when you got in an elevator and the doors closed you were thrown into almost pitch black apart from a bluish strip light across the top!  This is not good for a man with very poor eyesight and I meant to point that out to them but forgot in the end.
The hallways to the rooms were so dim we were both feeling our way around the walls! (Well, almost)
When we walked into our hotel room, it was also pitch black so after trying a light switch to  no avail, I went towards the 'porthole' window to draw the blind but it was also on a switch and nothing would work at all, not the blind or the lights. Ah ha! I said to myself, more savings! You had to put your room card into a slot by the door then the electricity flowed like wine, but, having walked in, closed the door and crossed the room I then had to feel my way back across to find the slot, telling Steve to stay where he was or he might walk into something.  

There were two big coconuts waiting there like large green pods with a straw sticking out of the side of each one and a neat little 'Welcome' sign set in front. I was fooled at first and thought they were sculptures but I have to say I ended up enjoying them both as the man was not keen at all. 

The frosted glass 'wall' that separated the bedroom area from the bathroom actually split into two halves then folded up towards the ceiling which was so thoughtful, you could have a bath (or something) as your loved one snoozed on the bed, presumably so that you didn't feel lonely
On the small table on my side of the bed was a small black box and it was then that I realized that despite having us walk around in darkness they were showing just how much they really cared at this hotel, they had supplied us with two condoms (:

Next time, Rio de Janeiro

Porto Alegre, Brazil

The 'Boat' Hotel in Sao Paulo

From the roof, can you spot the 3 million people?
The coconuts

The condoms!

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  1. Damn, I'm sorry for what happened in Porto Alegre, I'm not happy at all for things like that happening in my country... I just hope that there are more good memories than bad ones. As for the hotel, it is the Unique - and there's truth in that name!! Personally, I'm not much into modern architecture, specially when form is more important than function. By my Facebook albums you can see that I prefer old buildings... =c)