Friday, June 24, 2011

Lines and Download

My blogs went into standby mode as I coughed my way across a number of countries with flu.

There are usually about 19 of us when we start rolling from one country or city to another. We are a daunting vision for any unsuspecting hotel clerk or baggage checker! On many occasions the airports open a separate checking in line for us.

On the subject of lines: These are a repetitive occurrence, that and ‘waiting’: Waiting for bags to be picked up from the hotel room, lines to pay incidentals at the hotel, lines for checking in at the airport, waiting for the gate number, lines for passport check, customs lines, baggage lines, lines for boarding the flights. All this up to three times a week for six weeks and you get the picture.  

Now add the cough of all coughs to the last few airport waiting rooms and a head that wants to implode as an ear infection and sinus infection are forming a joint plan of attack.
There were people getting up and changing seat’s, as they feared my lurgy would attach to them and carry them off to a dark grisly pit of insanity.

Anyway, the pills are working now and I can put pen to paper (so to speak)

On to the Download Festival, Donington, UK

I was pretty taken aback by the size of the site for the Download Festival in Donington, UK. In order to get from the backstage and production area to the stage on which our band were performing I had to use a little electric buggy thingy which I would have loved to have had a go at driving.
My first job was to meet the stage camera director and his camera crew; as I would be directing the jumbo screens for the show.

There were four stages and I was told about 100,000 eager rock fans were waiting to watch the huge selection of rock bands.
My man was pleased to meet up with his old friend Tom Peterson from Cheap Trick who we’re also on the bill that day. Tom is usually up for some ‘blind’ jokes with Steve, which is always taken with the good humor and affection that was intended; they have been great buddies for a long time.

We watched the Cheap Trick set from the side of the stage and they were amazing.

As with all the other festivals and no doubt all the ones to come, the color of the day was ‘black’. Black clothes, black hair, black eye make up but thanks goodness due to the good-natured crowd no black eyes!

The camera crew for the screens were excellent; There were at least 6 camera operators and they all listened intently as I described the details of the set list that we wanted the audience to see in close up.
There was a village atmosphere backstage, many tents and small modules all with different band names on their doors. The AC band was ready for action and action is what they gave the crowd that day. There were band members from other bands gathered at each side of the stage during their set, the band love that and it adds to the excitement of the show. It also shows the huge respect that the boss generates within the industry and I suspect that will only grow once the new album is released. It will be awesome!

At the end of the show we all hightailed it back to the dressing room in a van and even before the band had changed out of their wet clothes the boss came around to say what a great show they had done.

Bucharest was next and my man had a birthday

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