Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Stockholm break

I really always wanted to be Maid Marian!
Golden brown hair flowing in a nonchalant way down to my ass, looking delectable with no make up (apart from a blob of carefully placed rouge for that fresh rugged outdoor look).
Riding bareback on a stallion (probably sideways) and managing to remain pleasantly feminine as I hacked the head off a metal clad attacker who threatened my castle and my one and only love Robin Hood.

This realization came from the fact that the man and I have been able to watch a few movies in the hotel room whilst we relaxed in Stockholm, thanks to Robin of Loxley (and Cate Blanchett) I have been able to establish my missing link, Maid Marian is indeed my alter ego. This revelation could also account for my love of brown linen frocks.

We watched a pretty cool Will Smith movie whereby he got all tangled up between the mob and the FBI, just another days survival for the skinny guy who even cried quite convincingly in a moving death scene.
Finally but far from least was a movie called ‘Drag Me To Hell’ no idea who the actors were, they were pretty young and pretty funny. This was a horror movie with its tongue firmly in its cheek, hilarious stuff and a perfect end to our hang- in- bed Saturday.

Stockholm is beautiful, although we have our friend Marlon to thank for the fact that we saw anything beyond the hotel lobby.
Stockholm is also full of beautiful men and women, most of whom are blonde of course but also most of the women seemed to be pregnant! I have never seen so many women in one place with a bun in the oven! And, they still manage to look gorgeous!!!
After finding out that during the winter the sun goes down at 3.30pm we deducted that nine months ago it was November and what do you do if the sun goes down at 3.30pm……..well, you know what!

Marlon is a cousin to my old friend and record producer TB in the UK.  By sheer chance during a Skype call, Steve asked TB if he knew anyone at Propellerhead. Propellerhead are the music software company that makes ‘Reason’ and Reason is the Rolls Royce of music sequencing software.
TB said no, but I know a man who does and Marlon is his name!

Marlon is about 6ft 3, a blonde Scandinavian Adonis who is as fit as a butcher’s dog (do Americans know that expression I wonder?). More importantly he is a sweet, smart and generous young man, he not only arranged a meeting at the Propellerhead headquarters here in Stockholm but he also took us to the old town, the cool shops and sorted a couple of superb meals.
Marlon is very industrious in life, he teaches (defensive) fighting as a sport; manages an up and coming actor and also runs a successful business developing company profiles and marketing.

Steve thought it was his birthday at Propellerhead, you have to understand what going there means to someone who records in their own home studio. We not only met the hospitable CEO Ernst (who happens to be a huge fan of Steve’s work) but also their main developer Kristoffer, they showed him some of their newer products and answered some of his questions on current products.

Stockholm is a very clean and prosperous city, the people are fit and there are hundreds of bicycles everywhere, ridden by young and old alike.
It is expensive, more expensive than London!

Show is tomorrow night

Steve with Kristoffer Wallman (left) and CEO Ernst Nathorst Boos at Propellerhead:

Steve plays some guitar at Propellerhead:

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