Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well, it has been an exciting year, too darned exciting if you ask me!
Around the world one and a half times, I almost forgot what it was like to wake up in the same bed each morning but I did get to see an aweful lot along the way.

I saw iconic sights like Red Square, I saw poverty in Istanbul, I saw AC fans lining up in the wind and rain to see their hero. I saw old theatres in Europe and the US that held dusty secrets and I had many a breakfast laughing my sox off with my man and the boss.

Now we are at home, we have kicked off the Rock and Roll boots, put our feet up and got back to watching Jeopardy and Lawrence Welk on TV (my UK friends will have no idea who that is, sorry).

We are back creating MUSIC!

I have already started to write new songs and Steve is busy recording a track for me to sing that will surprise a few people I'm sure. 
The response to his statement that he will not tour with Alice this year has been humbling and full of encouragement and understanding for his decision. At the same time we launched his new website, it is classy, easy to navigate and interesting and it will get even more interesting when he starts putting up entries for his new 'blind blog'.

He will no doubt have things to say that will raise eyebrows or bring a smile to readers faces. He also wants to put up some short audio clips from our travels and more in the future. They will be 'sound pictures' of some of the people, streets and amazing buildings we visited or will visit, for other sight impaired people to share.

It was Valentines Day today so here is the poem that Steve wrote for me in 2005, my old romantic!

I surely love you like the dew loves a rose
Love fills my heart like the snot in my nose
We are a team, like a horse and a cart
Our love will last like a long silent fart

Here is a link to his new website: www.stevehunter.com


  1. So who is Lawrence Welk?

    Yes, I *could* Google but what would be the fun in that? ;-)

    And Steve's poem moved me to tears.

  2. Ha ha, well Lawrence Welk was a bandleader who put on many years of very sappy TV Shows and Steve loves to watch the re runs every week. We laugh and sing along, like the pair of silly fools that we are!
    I am so pleased you were moved by his romantic poem, how could I not love a man with that much romance! (: