Sunday, March 11, 2012

March already!

Time is flying by here in Nashville, the man and I have been very busy creating music that we hope will put a smile on peoples faces.

Steve is working on his own album but as he likes to do a couple of different projects at once to keep things fresh we decided to do a cover song together with him doing a new arrangement in his own unique way.
I cannot tell you what this first track is yet, but I can tell you that the song was written in the 1930's,  we have finished it and the result is awesome. The initial reaction from the first few people to hear it has been very encouraging so much so that we now have a list of tunes that we think would work with the same production and may even make this a joint album project.

Of course we are lucky to be even here! We had a storm come through last week that scared the pants off me....nearly!
We watched the 'storm tracker' on TV during the morning and I realised that a huge pile of dark grey cloud that was randomly dropping the odd tornado was heading right for us. We were right in it's path!
It probably seems a bit over the top and rediculous but I gathered some important paperwork and various other beloved items in a briefcase then put that in the hallway which is the safest part of the building. Steve suggested we have the bedcover with us and to put on our coats as he was worried the windows might blow out, the tornado siren was wailing.
I could not help but imagine what it must have been like in a World War II blitz, this would have been a common occurence and it was not a good feeling at all.
As the storm went over the shopping area where we buy food and have our regular Starbucks I was thinking what if our precious recording gear got damaged? That is our lifeblood, although of course it probably would have been more pertinant to think about the whole building being picked up and put down a quarter of a mile away like some poor souls had to deal with in other towns.

We sat together on the edge of the coffee table staring at the TV screen ready to move to the hallway and put it on mute a few times as Steve said we would probably hear a tornado before we felt it. Then the hail started, the sky was literally throwing icy rocks at us, every now and then a few would hit the windows directly and we both expected them to break but they held fast.

Within a few minutes it was over but I spent the next 20 minutes thinking there was a surprise tornado about to rip through the apt. It took my heart rate a little while to get back to normal and I thought, what the hell are we doing here!!!!! I suddenly missed the warmth and calm of Phoenix.

Getting back to the music, we will keep you abreast of developments but the important thing at the moment is for us to make the best recordings we can, with the best performances and production possible. Anyone who has listened to Steve's production skills on 'Empty Spaces' will know that whatever comes out of Huntersville will be a joy to listen to.

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