Saturday, August 13, 2011

La La Land and Seymour Duncan

Steve and I stopped off in Los Angeles before going home to Nashville at the end of the last leg of the AC tour.
We had a couple of important things to do, one was to meet up with a record label and the other was to go see Seymour Duncan the legendary guitar pick up guru.
We deliberately planned the record label meeting at the Village Coffee Shop at the top of Beachwood Drive in Hollywood right underneath the Hollywood sign.
We used to live on that road and wanted to walk past our old apartment. It holds many memories for us including the recording of Steve's wonderful album 'Hymns For Guitar' which was done right there in the living room.

The next trip was Santa Barbara on a train to Seymour Duncan's factory, I love American trains, they are double deckers and we sat upstairs as we wound our way up the beautiful coastline, relaxed after the grueling ten weeks on the road.

Seymour and his staff made us so welcome, Steve was in his element, catching up on the progress of his beloved custom Gretsch guitars which were having new pick ups placed so they could be back on the tour for the next leg.

Seymour and Steve

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  1. Dear Karen, Great update, many thanks...looking forward to seeing Steve play live at the 3 AC New Jersey gigs!