Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Damon Johnson

There is a bond that happens between musicians occasionally that transends age, sex, history and religion.  And that is what Steve will always have with Damon Johnson.

It could have been awkward, would the veteran come back in to upset the apple cart?

But instead there came a magic and I will miss watching that magic on the shows between Steve and Damon, two good people, two great players, mutual respect on both sides.  

How can I feel happy and sad at the same time? Well, happy because Damon is moving on to join his dream and sad because he will be so greatly missed.

We all love you Damon, you are an awesome guy and an awesome player.

Time to move on and look forward to what lies ahead with eager anticipation, watch this space.

Pic taken by me in Clakson, Michigan on the last show with Damon.

pic by Casey Page (Billings Gazette)

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  1. When musicians find their groove and they're all able to lock in sync together, there is NOTHING BETTER. It takes the music to a whole 'nother level. Your photos capture the joy and pleasure only live music can bring. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face tonight with your stories.