Saturday, October 8, 2011

Istanbul airport lounge

After a one and half hour flight from Jakarta to Singapore then twelve hours to Istanbul, we are in an airport lounge waiting for the flight to Rome. I have slept for about eight hours but still in a 'happy pill' daze. The lounge is huge, there are mirrors all over the place, the walls and the ceiling.

In my search for the bathroom I walked around a corner and nearly bumping into someone I realized I was talking to a huge wall of mirror and had smiled and apologized to myself!

Now I am listening to Steve and Orianthi play a little short scale acoustic she bought. What a lovely way to relax in an airport. Steve just played 'Solsbury Hill' and then he showed Ori a tuning and some chord voicing's she had not known about, they are having fun playing and sharing music.

He told her he will send his bill later, ha ha!

These moments are precious.

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