Friday, October 7, 2011

Singapore and Jakarta

We left Perth on Singapore Airlines and it was awesome! 
The hostesses were gorgeous their beautiful Batik outfits and so very polite and sweet.
The hotel at the other end in Singapore was huge, it was a bit like staying in a mix of Disneyland and Butlins (the Brits will know this)!
There were children running about everywhere and a Universal Theme Park.
We were treated very well and even spent a couple of hours checking out the park as their guests. 

We started with the really terrifying stuff........ Shrek! Seriously, the only tricky bit really was the fact that it was all in the dark so poor Steve had to hold on tight to me and then couldn't see the screen with the 3D glasses. But he could hear and feel the effects, we even got sprayed each time someone sneezed on the screen.........They had over done that by the fourth time but it was funny.
The seats rocked about and jolted but on the whole it was a tad lame, ok if you were ten though. 

Chuck, Tommy and Glen went on a roller coaster before we happened upon another ride that looked interesting although there was not a big line which should have given us a clue..... It was called Treasure Hunt and you sat three in a ride which was a little old beaten up car like Indiana Jones might have owned.  
In we get and off we go, probably reaching a grand speed of 1 mile an hour we edged our way to the left then to the right, along a hillside for a few yards then down a small hillock. 
Chuck was in the front in the drivers position and the man and I were in the back. 

Suddenly we turned a corner and wham!!!! We were back at the start! That was IT! 
We laughed till we nearly cried, we were still waiting for it to start and it had ended! Ha ha, it was for 4 year olds!!!!  

The show went well and the band were great in Singapore but it was so hot and humid, I felt for them all  as they dripped their way to the end of the night.

Next stop was Jakarta and a day off before the show.
The ride to the hotel was exciting to say the least! We had a police escort of two bike riders flashing and weaving about in front of us as we left the airport and with three cars in our convoy I assume there were police at the back as well.
We hit the main road into Jakarta and I have never seen so much traffic chaos in my life, I thought San Paulo was bad! Four lanes of cars with no gaps to be seen and all moving so close somehow without touching each other.
Our police escorts decided to take the hard shoulder, moving stray cars out of the way as we went, I have no idea how we did not hit anybody, particularly the hundreds of scooter riders who seemed hell bent on risking life and limb.

Here is 19 seconds of vid I did on the ride into Jakarta

The hotel at the end of our crazy 45 minute journey from the airport was/is stunning, I took a couple of pics but they will not have done it justice. 
Today we start a 23 hour journey on three different flights to Rome.

See you in Italy folks.

Pics from Singapore day off and show day

At soundcheck

View from Singapore hotel window

Jakarta Hotel

For the chocoholics, a fountain of yummyness!

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