Sunday, October 2, 2011

Goodbye Melbourne hello Perth

The second night in Melbourne was better I felt, the crowd were even more enthusiastic and my man was really happy with what he played. His custom Gretsch is sounding amazing and he is now getting people commenting on it which pleases him greatly. It has a distinctive woody, vocal tone or in his words like a big black girl singing! Perfect!! Add this great tone to what his fingers do on the frets and you have the unique sound that can only be The Deacon.

We both have heavy colds, thank you to xxxx (no name mentioned here but you know who you are) We love you Glen! Ooops name slipped out (: 
I was worried about the flight to Perth but the Lemsip saved the day and all went smoothly, the last time I flew with a cold it was into Switzerland and I got a sinus and ear infection afterwards.

I cannot say that things were totally smooth once we got to the hotel in Perth, Ori got trapped in an elevator! She was in there for over an hour and a bunch of us waited outside the jammed doors trying to make a bad situation bearable by chatting and keeping up her spirits as best as we could. She kept really calm and sat down. 
All ended when the hotel finally got the engineer there, an upgrade quite rightly followed.

The new W2MN album is getting great reviews, some people don't get it but of course that is to be expected. The vocal effect on 'I Am Made Of You' seems to be dividing people, the purists think it's over the top or uneccessary but I personally think it fits the track perfectly.

Steve's solo on that song is getting some well deserved attention and for those reviewers who don't seem to have read the credits, Steve played on every basic track apart from 'Last Man On Earth''.

He did solo's on:

'I Am Made Of You' 
'The Congregation'
'I'll Bite Your Face Off' 
'Something To Remember Me By' 
'When Hell Comes Home' 
'What Baby Wants' and a large portion of the 'Underture'.

My only other comment on this subject is that I think the song 'When Hell Comes Home' is simply genious! Well done to Michael Bruce, Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin.

Below is a pic of catering for the band and crew in Melbourne, it does vary from venue to venue and country to country but on the whole it's extremely yummy, as was this!

Steve and Tommy waiting for the screen to drop at the start of the 2nd Melbourne show

Steve and Ori, Melbourne   

Hello Perth


  1. These blogs are a great insight into the AC organisation, thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts down.

  2. Wow! I loved seeing the other side of the curtain here! This is always so exciting!

    Please get well soon. It's bad enough tot travel so much without being sick :(

    I am one who adores "I am Made Of you". It's just indescribable. It's one of the creepiest songs Alice has done, ever. And the lyrics kind of sum up what I feel for him and his music. It's a gem!

    What is it with elevators today? The one in the hotel here in Brighton was out of order just as hundreds of convention guests were leaving! Poor Orianthi! I hate elevators

  3. The auto-tune works well, I don't understand why some people have got some wound up about!!!
    Life really is too short!!!