Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Melbourne - 1

Today is a day off and we have had a spectacular view of a thunder storm from up here in our hotel room on the 42nd floor in Melbourne this afternoon.
We did manage to go out earlier in the day, looked around the shops by the hotel including one shop with men's socks that cost $80.00 a pair! No thanks.

Tommy, Toby and Cesare took us to an amazing little Italian restaurant at lunchtime where we sat in the kitchen to eat!
On the way back we found a coffee shop named after our tour manager Toby!

Below are some pics of today and a couple of pics that were on Tommy's camera from the Leno show.

Outside the Italian place, they even had a scooter on hand in case Steve ate too much and couldn't walk back to the hotel!

The lady stood by Tommy is the cook and definitely wore the trousers there! In her hand is a huge bowl of meatballs! She was so proud!

Toby's place, he was so proud.

Steve acting up! 

Tommy acting up backstage at the Leno show (:

Me and Tommy backstage at the Leno show:

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