Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I did not get to see the Sidney opera house ): Maybe next time.
It was raining cats and dogs and my man was coughing so we stayed close to the hotel.

The theatre was interesting here, all nooks and crannies and pretty old plus apparently there was a ghost! Didn't see it or feel it. 
I was worried that the balcony looked a little rickety.
The crowd on the other hand were far from rickety, they had a lot of fun and so did the band.

We had 30 VIP's here so I was busy getting the gift bags and envelopes together during sound check. 
During the show I was almost underneath the stage on a concrete step sitting with a camera director and his gear as the show was being filmed. I was freezing and couldn't wait to get back to the warm hotel room.

I met some of the guys from the band Anthrax backstage, they were so nice.

Evening view from the hotel room

Backstage, Glen warming up, note the arty tablecloth and table:

Glen still warming up:

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