Friday, September 23, 2011

Auckland - September 22nd 2011

It was a long day with a run through and sound check starting at 1pm for a few hours then the show at 9pm.
The building was so darned cold we were dressed like Eskimo's but the crowd warmed us all up for the show. It was not packed but it was a big arena and the main area was full of lively, encouraging fans.

It was the bands first gig with Orianthi and it went well, James got a great sound out front and I enjoyed watching the show from his desk.
Glen did a fantastic job last night despite have a rotten cold and his drum solo was still amazing. We are wondering who will be next to get sick but of course the show must go on.

Not a lot more to say other than Auckland was friendly but chilly! And still no jet lag!!!!!


Tommy and Steve backstage during the day, it's all rock and roll!

View from the hotel window:

Next stop Brisbane, Australia.

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