Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Across the sea to Auckland

We had a really easy flight to Auckland, at LAX the Air New Zealand staff were great and despite there being so many of us it all went very smoothly.
The plane was huge, a Triple 7 Steve informed me. I am normally very nervous during take off but as this huge house sized airplane lumbered down the runway and lifted off I hardly felt it leave the ground.

I watched a few episodes of the Alan Partridge TV show, the one where he is a local radio presenter, the lady across from me was smiling as I laughed out loud with my headphones on. It must be an English humor thing cos Steve just does not find Steve Coogan funny at all although I think he would if he would listen for more than a minute!
Then I watched the new movie with Kate Hudson called 'Something Borrowed' which was very entertaining.
The plane, the crew and the food was excellent plus I managed to sleep for about 7 hours, had a bit of help from my 'happy' pill but never the less it was one of the easiest long haul flights I have ever been on.

Auckland is COLD! We went shopping and bought ourselves a scarf each, the wool is part Marino and part Opossum!! They are taking over the country apparently so people found a good use for the wool. I have to say it is one of the softest scarves I have ever owned and I had better not lose it on this tour!  The only people who wont be cold will be all the rugby players running around hugging a weird shaped ball, as we are here at the same time as the Rugby World Cup.
Auckland is a bustling, clean city and we will look around a bit more tomorrow. There seems to be a preoccupation with bungy jumping going on here and in case you are wondering, NO, I will not be leaping off a building on the end of a bit of elastic!!

We lost Monday! But seem to be feeling ok although I am waiting for jet lag to kick in at any moment.

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