Friday, September 23, 2011

Coincidence or what!!!

In 1981 I had a single signed to a label called 'Cheapskate Records', it was owned by The Animals bass player Chas Chandler who also managed Jimmy Hendrix.
I had written a bunch of quirky pop songs and with the help of a producer called Doug Taylor (who by coincidence was also blind) I had recorded them at Atmosphere Studio's in Soho, Central London. I was familiar with the studio as I had been doing vocal sessions there for TV and radio adverts for a while.

There had been lots of discussion about whether to release a single under my own name or under a made up 'pop' name and in the end I came up with the name 'Yuka' (spoken like Yooka) and that is what we went with.
The song was called 'Who Would Believe The Young Man' and was chosen as record of the week on BBC Radio One fairly soon after it's release, which meant it was getting played about six times a day!  Unfortunately, due to technical changes made by the label, the single got lost in a re shuffle of distribution company and that was the end of that.

So, fast forward nearly 30 years and here I am in Brisbane, Australia, on a world tour with my gorgeous man. We had decided to go out for something to eat and found a Japanese restaurant close to the hotel.
It was very authentic with waitresses dressed in traditional Japanese Kimono and the food was delicious.

The young lady that looked after us was so delightful and personable. She made sure we ordered a good selection and even persuaded me to try green tea ice cream which turned out to be yummy! She  brought us our check at the end of the meal and there at the bottom was her name.........Yuka!!!!  
I told her about using the same name all those years ago, well before she was even born and she was so excited and bowing profusely she said "It is lovely to meet you".  

How cool was that!!!!  

 'Yuka' 1981

And here is the bill with the waitresses name at the bottom: 

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