Sunday, March 6, 2011

Driving myself crazy

I took my theory test for driving here in the USA! The place was packed but people were polite, a young man next to me started up a conversation after he sussed I was foreign. Oddly, he seemed very proud that he was back taking his learners permit for the third time because he had not done any homework on the rules of the road weird is that?

We had to go to the dentist last week, neither of us like the dentist and avoid it at all costs unless as in the man's case, there is an abscess gotta go, you gotta go!!

I rashly said yes to going to a dance type exercise class yesterday, 45 minutes of shaking things that risked causing a bodily tsunami. I may have to invest in a pair of depends if she make me jump up and down for too long next time! Apparently they do come in various colors these days so the TV tells me.

Today I had to add Ibuprophen to my breakfast! Of course the man thinks that is hillarious!

We are getting ready for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gig now, the new Gretsch custom guitars arrived and look fab. I will do a blog about our adventures in NY City.

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