Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hall of Fame the finale

Due to our standard cable package being so ****! I am not able to watch the show go out tonight so here is the last blog on the Hall of Fame night:
The finale was spectacular! Alice, Dennis, Michael and Neal,  Darlene Love, Dr John, the choir, everybody singing and having fun; Bette Midler is awesome, where does that voice come from?
I think Glen Buxton was looking down and smiling for his friends, I know they were thinking of him.

We were sitting down and catching our breath when I hear our names being called. The co ordinator Vanessa is galloping along the balcony, her walky talky clonking up and down and hitting her in the hip; “Steve! Karen! Bette wants to see you; she won’t leave till you get there”.

We follow her back down the stairs, although she actually left us behind; through the kitchen and out the other side into the VIP area and there waiting in a hallway with her husband is Bette Midler.
She flung herself at Steve, they have not seen each other since the movie ‘The Rose’ in the 80’s but as ever the man had made an impact, his humor, his honesty and of course his talent is infectious and those lucky enough to be around him when he is relaxed and comfortable never forget.

Vanessa had the insight to take out her camera; Bette grabbed me saying “get in the picture”. So we have a pic to come of the three of us. After she had gone people were stopping us saying “Did Bette find you?” She had been shouting “Where is Steve Hunter!!”  The man’s kudos took a bit of a leap that night.
He was made up, he loves Bette Midler like a sister and I think that made his year!

What a time we had.


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  1. Karen, please tell Steve that I always adored how the sound of the movie played so much better musically with him and Prakash and Whitey in the Band. I am not a fan per se of Bette, but I am a fan of that movie's music.