Wednesday, March 30, 2011

San Francisco

This is a big year of 'firsts' for me! And going to San Francisco was another one.

The home of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hippy art college roots came with lashings of hippie stuff: No shoes all summer, some dubious methods of relaxation and not forgetting my (off) white raggedy sheepskin coat.

We were there for a very important purpose but Jason's mom and dad, Pat and Gary were determined to get us out to do a bit of sightseeing despite their being run off their feet with all the arrangements on top of normal daily duties.

They took us for a drive to the GG Bridge and through the park near it, the bridge is awesome! Then we drove slowly through Haight Ashbury, this is where the hippie movement started and I could feel my youthful carefree days flooding back to me here in the home of freedom of thought. 
The houses are so beautifully painted, I found a cool pic to show you.
Steve and I decided we would love to live there but of course that would involve risking the earth quakes so I will reserve judgment on that move for now. 

It was pretty cloudy that day so my pic of the Golden Gate Bridge has added vibe (:

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