Friday, March 18, 2011

Reviews of 'Empty Spaces'

5.0 out of 5 stars What a lovely voice, February 9, 2011
J. Richardson "jrlvsblues" (Rio Rancho NM)
I have been a fan of Steve Hunter for years. When I heard that he was producing a
CD with his wife, I couldn't wait to hear it. Karen Ann, has a beauitful voice. She has
wonderful range, and you can just sit back,read a book and listening to her. The production
is first class, with the musical accompaniment backing. Steve's guitar work is as usual
outstanding. I look forward to listening to this often. Great effort, and highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars A MUSICAL COLLABORATION MADE IN HEAVEN, March 18, 2011
David Lowe (England)
This review is from: Empty Spaces (MP3 Download)
COMBINING Karen Ann Hunter's expressive vocals and accomplished songwriting skills with Steve "The Deacon" Hunter's extraordinary musicianship was a stroke of genius. The two of them were born to make music together, and what wonderful music they've given us with their debut "Empty Spaces" album. There's not a so-so track on it: they're all eminently listenable, whether you're relaxing at home, whiling away a long flight, or on the road behind the wheel. Indeed, several of the titles on "Empty Spaces" have that special quality of leaving the opening or hook-lines rolling around in your head until you've simply got to play the whole track again. If I was to be asked to sum-up "Empty Spaces" in just one word, that word would the "ethereal". Yes, the whole collection resonates with an other worldly quality; embroidered with some very clever lyric writing, plus Steve's masterful guitar playing - including those exquisite harmonics - and, of course, Karen's crystal clear, true voice. Take it from me, there are no "Empty Spaces" here: they are all filled with genuine world-class music making.

Thoroughly recommended!

DAVID LOWE (Producer~Presenter: B.B.C. Regional Radio & The LoweDown music column, the Herald Express provincial newspaper South West England)

This is one of the most beautiful collections of music ever recorded. This cd is up there with Celine but was written by Karen and all of the musical accompaniment is performed by and produced by her husband Steve "the Deacon" Hunter. Just take a listen to the sample clips presented here and you will be compelled to purchase the CD or MP3 download available here at the link. It is a beauty only exceeded by it's writer.

Steve Harris: March 19th 2011 

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