Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Hall of Fame Experience (part one)

Not sure where to start with this, my brain is on overload in the awesome experience dept;

First of all, I must thank the pilot of the 'far too small' airplane that got us into NY, that was the bumpiest hour and half I have ever had but he got us to the other end in one piece!

We were staying with Cindy and Dennis Dunaway who despite being in the middle of their own overload made us feel welcome and took great care of us. Dennis loves my album and played it three times during our stay, how cool is that!

The rehearsals in NY had gone well, each day the band got better and once Alice and the management team arrived things really took shape, the band were tight and there was a lot of laughter. 
We checked into The Waldorf on the Saturday after the remote rehearsals were done, to start a couple of days run through's in the main ballroom where the induction would take place. The Waldorf is very spectacular but the cost of doing anything apart from sneeze is even more spectacular!

Me and the man were pretty tired the first night and decided to drag our asses down to the restaurant, we had a lovely meal that cost more than two nights at the Holiday Inn!

But, the funniest thing was going down to have a light snack in the main foyer; we had popped in to check it out the day before. This time there was a huge buffet spread filling the whole front entrance hall. We were guided to our table and ordered two apple juices then waited.....and waited.

Eventually I asked the waiter for the menu, he said there was only the buffet today and it cost $95 per person. Ha ha, we laughed! I tried to pay for the apple juice but the waiter looked at me with head on one side in pity and said, "Don’t worry about that madam" and we left.

The ballroom on that first day was a cacophony of lights, camera's and huge cables, people dashing all over the place like ants, they all had ear monitors and mics and were talking to the air.
We were assigned a couple of sweet ladies whose job it would be to get us where we needed to be on the night.
My job was to make sure Steve got where he needed to be without tripping over equipment or cables plus I had to iron his black shirt for the big night....... me and the man are not big on ironing generally. 

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