Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Jason Becker film interview

The young team from London who have been filming the new documentary about Jason were without a doubt the coolest group of young people I have ever met. All in their late 20's or early 30's they have taken on this massive responsibility with great thought.
They work so well together, keeping humour there but the business of the movie is at the forefront.

I am hopeless with names but I think there was Jesse, Freny, Carl and Dario . They were all very respectful with Steve and made him feel relaxed, an essential part of doing interviews for film.

Jesse asked some good questions but kept them sparce and loose, allowing Steve to get into his flow and recall the days he and Jason spent in Vancuver recording. Two young rock guitarists out on the town, gathering cute girls around them whenever they could and having a ball between sessions for the album. 

Steve as ever was eloquent and articulate, as he described the times when he would be walking along kidding with Jason only to look around to find Jason was not there. Then find him collapsed on the sidewalk as his legs started to deteriorate at an astonishgly quick rate.
I was moved to tears as he described how his young talented friend was facing such a devastating illness.

The trailer for this movie is an indication of how good this production is going to be and I applaud the film team for getting out Jason's story.

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