Monday, May 30, 2011

Buenos Aires

The show in Buenos Aires was fantastic, the band were obviously happy to be back onstage and the boss was back to his amazing self after his sickness.
The audience was also energetic, singing loudly ‘as one’ during any brief breaks between songs, and they have great singing voices in Argentina!!
‘Hey Stoopid’ was added to the set that night, a particular favorite in that part of the world, the crowd roared when that started.

I did not get to see any of the city other than during the (long) drive to the show, they are pretty crazy drivers there and that made it an interesting ride to say the least. I saw some pretty cool buildings but other than that I cannot say more.

We were not the only large group staying at the hotel as it turns out. The National football team was also staying there; and were checking out as we waited in the lobby.

They must have all been gathered on a lower floor prior to leaving because they started to appear one by one up a set of steps to my left.
I could not help but notice that they all looked darned hot! As in ‘hot’ not ‘very warm’ hot. All dressed in yellow and blue sports gear, young, tanned, fit, good looking, and feeling very important indeed (:

So, that was Argentina, on to Brazil.

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