Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Anniversary

On April 7th 2007 I flew from sleepy Devon, UK to Hollywood, USA to join Steve. We had known each other since 2004 after guitarist Pete Haycock had introduced us to each other. 

I had been trying to sell my house for nearly a year, three times the sale had fallen through and three times I had fallen into despair wishing I could be with the man I loved. 
The house finally sold on April 3rd and I flew out to LA on the 7th!
My mum was overjoyed that I could finally go and on her birthday to boot! (she was living in Spain by then). My children were excited for us, I could not have done it without their blessing. 

On May 31st that year Steve and I got married in Beverly Hills County Court, just me, him and Karo our trusty regular car driver plus the Registrar of course. 

I remember we had gone in a few weeks earlier to register the paperwork, the lady taking our details looked at Steve and said "Are you the Steve Hunter from Alice Cooper" !!!!! She ended up bringing an album in for him to sign on our wedding day!

Poor Steve could not wait to get out of the place on the day, he looked like a deer in the headlights as the photos show. Formal situations are not our thing and Steve even more than me.
We drove to our favorite cafe afterwards for a big fry up then off to LA Zoo for a few hours.
I am living proof that dreams can come true, I finally met a man who would really love me, make me laugh and put up with me! I was 54, he was 59. 

Today is our 4th Anniversary and I am still as happy as a bee in a bunch of roses.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Just celebrated our 26th, and my hubby doesn't like the photo thing either