Saturday, May 14, 2011

First show of tour

Oh blimy did I have a busy day!
I prepared the baggage tags and passes for the band, the crew, me and the man. Sorted out the laminate masters for all the different guests and VIP's.
I got the VIP gift bags together and made sure their names and tickets were at the box office.

When the show started I sat on the lighting riser taking notes as I will be directing the video shots when there are screens for the audience. My job is to try to capture the good shots for those people who are a long way back, making sure they see the boss and the band really well at pertinent moments.

The first show was fantastic! The whole band really pulled out all the stops like the great players they are, the boss was fabtastic.
My fav bits were; 
The opening song 'Black Widow' so powerful it gave me goose bumps. The monster is amazing and so effective. The new song 'I'll Bite Your Face Off' was awesome and had the crowd with it from the first chorus, Steve's slide solo in that song was brill and just like the album. 
All eight minutes of 'Halo Of Flies' is fantastic.
The lights in 'Another Brick In The Wall are gorgeous,  but my favorite bit was when Damon and Steve did their blues licks in 'I Love The Dead'. 
What a genius idea to put this line up of great players on one stage, everybody is HOT!!!!!!

Ok, it is not easy sleeping on the tour bus although some people apparently find the motion sends them to sleep, not me!
I don't feel sick but I just cant drift off and get a good nights zzzzzz's.
I had better get used to it, this is only the start.
Our bus driver is so darned good, easy on the brakes, smooth, reliable and a really nice bloke.

On to Canada............ Tonight's gig Quebec City


  1. "Black Widow" is a great opener, for sure!

    Good luck getting used to sleeping on the bus!


  2. Hi Karen, just found your blog (thx to Hunter)
    Tis FAB to read about your backstage adventures, looking forward to many more as the tour goes on.
    Pen in UK xxx