Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Canadian Shows

The tour bus and I have come to an understanding, the bus whispered "the bunk is your friend" "the bunk is your friend" and low, on the seventh day I SLEPT!!!!!! The Melatonin helped (:

It has been rainy and cold in Canada for most of the time but the shows have had a very warm reception. I am starting to prefer the theaters rather than the sports stadiums, the sound bounces about a bit in those huge concrete boxes.

That may have been partly why Hamilton, Ontario, was such a great show. It was a lovely theatre with good acoustics.  In my opinion that was one of the bands best shows. They are working so well together, listening, watching and responding. Keeping in mind that they have only just begun to settle in with each other as players. Mr Nice Guy is consistently awesome on every show and I look forward to his antics with Ethyl, the band members and the audience every single show night.

Chuck had a birthday and a cake which I forgot to get a piece of, we sang happy birthday to him, everybody joined in, including the crew. It will be Steve's birthday in Bucharest, I had bought him a surprise which is no longer that. It is a really cool leather phone pouch which he is now using to hold his slide on the show, I am well happy that it found it's place though, as he also bought a Blackberry which will not fit in it. 

There have been some experiments with Steve's back line and Hamilton was definitely a good combination, the SG in particular sounded rich but vibrant just as he likes it and when he hears that great sound bouncing back at him from the front of house he lights up like an excited torch.

The guys in the band are adjusting well to having a partially sighted player with them. Damon, Tommy and Chuck plus the boss all join the man on his side of the stage at various times during the show. This is a group of dedicated musicians who are not only at the top of their game they are top men to boot!

I have watched five shows now, I'm enjoying this opportunity as I will be on video screen duty in Europe and will be in a van watching from remote cameras.
Alas, I have not seen much of Canada, that's just the way it is on a tour. We often leave the venue after the show, bus to the next city, getting into a hotel room at 4am, grabbing a few more hours sleep in a bed then off to soundcheck at around 3pm ish.

I want to talk to you about the band next time.

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  1. I enjoy the theater shows more, too, for the same reason: they just sound better. Getting good sound is often a problem for a lot of amphitheaters, too.

    Thanks for the post! Glad you got some sleep!