Sunday, May 8, 2011

No More Mr Nice Guy Tour and more

I have been so crazy busy that this is my first chance to do a bit of writing.
I am sitting in a huge warehouse sized rehearsal room next to the lighting desk in front of the band going over songs for the tour. I have ear defenders on or would be pretty deaf by now.
This is their second day and they are still working out who will play what parts, the boss will be here day after tomorrow.
There is such camaraderie between these players in only two days, it’s been a joy to watch them bond and they sound amazing!

I will talk more about the band in my next blog.

The man and I had a great trip to LA a few weeks ago; once again the flight was smooth which continues to be a relief to me. I wish I could get used to the idea that a huge chunk of metal and plastic can take you off the ground and keep you up there!

We had not been back to LA for three years; we wanted to go look at our old neighborhood but didn’t get time, maybe just as well.

The first gig was at the Nokia Theatre, the crowd was loud and enthusiastic which really brought out the best in the original AC band, they rocked the place.
I met the snake that night; had a chance to touch this massive python in the changing room before the gig. It was not in the least bit slimy, it felt more like a humongous muscle filled sausage……. steady ladies! or maybe one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms.
I have to say it did seem rather frisky, waving about above Alice’s head as though trying to find the branch of an invisible tree. I did consider the possibility that this thing could easily strangle him and then I found out that this was his first gig! (the snake not Alice) He may well have got stage fright and squeezed the breathe out of the dark lord of rock!

After the gig we all went to what is regarded as one of the best restaurants in the US where I was treated to lobster for the first time in ten years, it was so yummy.

The next day we were up early to get to the film studio in Hollywood for the filming of the 4D holographic performance. The band had to have missed having an audience after the encouraging crowd from the night before but after a few run thru’s they were all fired up and the director was very happy.

The red suit was fun to do, I took off the extra buttons on Steve's old double breasted suit and added some fabric and things, it turned out pretty well.
There will be 800 people in the UK who get to see the showing of the hologram; I will be interested to see what they think of a virtual show.

That’s about it at the moment, I must away to do our final packing and check my ‘to do’ list before we leave for Indiana and the warm up gig before Canada’s dates.
I have no idea what this experience will be like, I toured for just three weeks with Gary Numan in 84 and 85 doing BV's but that will not even touch all the dates and countries I will be going to in the next few months.

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  1. I've met many snakes, having studied biology helps a bit. And we have a vivarium in town where I met my first snake at age 8.

    My colleague who is in charge of the vivarium now, freaks out when I tell him about snakes on stage. They don't really like to handled and transported. I always tell him that Alice's crew knows what they are doing, but he says he'd never lend one of his reptiles for this.

    In any case I would love to see the snake, my only chance to do so was blown by some stupid people fighting at the wrong moment. And then no snakes since 1998...
    Ah well..

    Good luck with the first leg of the tour! I would probably hate it to travel that much, but it must also be fun. Thanks for letting us peek in like this!