Saturday, May 28, 2011

Santiago, Chile

We were all concerned about the boss as we left the hotel for the venue last night, he was in his room resting and drinking liquids, the plan being that he would join us later. 
Sheryl and Kyler were there to look after him.

At the venue the normal wheels went into motion, the hustle and bustle, the guest list, the VIP packages and the soundcheck which is when the band gear up for a show mentally.
It was a big surprise when we got news that he would not make it, we knew our friend had to be really poorly, canceling a show is unheard of for the Lord of Nightmares!

The ride back to the hotel was pretty subdued, not normal for our band of jolly fellows ): 
We were passing fans as we left the area and felt bad for them as well. The fact is that there are times when illness takes over and that was one of them.

The man and I had had a pretty good few days prior that, the hotel was fab! We did walk around the city centre a bit, the weather was bright but a little chilly in Chile...... sorry about that.
We went up to the rooftop pool a couple of times and I took a few pics.

The first time we went up there it was early evening, the pool was under the dark sky and bathed in very dim lights and although that is always tricky for Steve we negotiated our way to the poolside.
There was no one there apart from one lady quietly doing some serious breaststroke in the fairly shallow pool. She offered up a small smile but ignored us mostly, that wouldn't last. 

My man does not swim so on the odd occasion when we do find ourselves in a swimming pool it is always pretty funny. First of all it has to be warm for him to dip even a toe in! Then, it has to only be up to his chest or he will scramble out again. 
So I start swimming about and look behind me to find him walking with a particularly odd stance and a very silly face, I start to laugh, he loves that and acts up even more to the point where the lady trying to get some serious exercise must have thought we were both on drugs!

In England we used to have a TV comedy duo called Morecombe and Wise, long gone now but Eric Morecombe is who springs to mind when my lovely husband decides to be daft. I keep swimming back to him as he strides about the pool (as though that is the only way it should be done).
I say, ok! race you to the other end and swim off, the next minute I realize he is gaining on me and then he overtakes me! He had changed up to fast walking pace, puffed out his chest, elbows out at right angles and looked hilarious! As he passes me he shouts, "I have a new name!" 'Olympic Pool Walker', this was to add to his other 'self appointed' nick names which by the way are 'Blind Lemon Pledge' and 'Scoop Doggie Do'.

So, that was Santiago, on to Argentina.


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  2. Your hotel looks AMAZING.

    Loved Eric M, he reminds me of my dad......something to with the glasses I think.

    Glad to hear Alice is feeling better. give him lots of love from me xxx

  3. Gracious me, I wished I knew about this blog earlier ! Can't wait to keep up with the adventures Karen, Steve and the Coop !