Monday, May 23, 2011

The trailer tale

I have another post waiting in the wings but something happened the other night that I have to tell you about.

We left the Casino Rama after the gig and all fell into our bunks on the bus, we knew it might be a short lived sleep because we had a border crossing to do to get back into the US.
As I snuggled up and snoozed I was aware of a bit of unfamiliar movement by the bus but thought nothing of it and drifted off to sleep again. Then I was aware that we had stopped (the bus not moving tends to wake me up) and I sleepily thought, oh must be at a pit stop or maybe the border already. 

I lay there drifting and all seemed very quiet, just a couple of voices talking quietly at the front. After a while I thought I should get up to see what was going on, particularly as I had needed to show my Residents card going into Canada so they might be about to ask for it as I go back into the US. (I am a Brit)

Out I go and there was Toby out tour manager, Bo our driver was outside and I realize that I can see the tour car parked in front of the bus???? It should be on a trailer on the back!
Turns out a trailer wheel had literally busted apart, the bearing shattered, Bo had seen sparks flying behind us and would have had to have taken steps to stop the bus going awal as well.

As Toby filled me in, the boss appeared after also being aware of no motion. We had been on the side of the road not that far from the Casino for 3 hours! 
The boss decided he had had enough sleep to drive and would follow the bus to the place that was replacing the trailer. Bo had joined us by now and we all agreed that I should go in the car to keep the boss company.

So, we drove for about 2 hours chatting about life and although I am not sure we solved all the worlds problems, we gave it a good shot! 
Apparently my gorgeous husband amazed Toby when he got up, there in the dark and despite being nearly blind he knew instantly that I was not in my bunk and the bus was moving!!! Where is Karen!

We got a new trailer and on we went to Sylvania, Toledo, getting in 4 hours later than expected but still with enough time to poke our heads into a hotel room, get some things done in the US before leaving for South America and before leaving for the soundcheck. 
Despite the light rain, the open air show and the audience that night was brilliant, the band were tight and powerful and the boss was as ever fantastic.

A journey I will never forget.


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